Top 10 photos - Cameroon

Korup National Park entrance. Cameroon.The Korup National Park is in western Cameroon against the Nigerian border. It has 1259 sq km of tropical rainforest known for its high biological diversity, including more than 50 species of large mammals. Cameroon.Lobe River. Cameroon.Pygmy is hunting, village down to the Lobe River. The Pygmy people are gatherers and hunters. They hunt animals such as antelopes, pigs and monkeys, and also gather honey, wild yams, berries and other plants. Cameroon.Woman from Bororo nomad ethnic. Lake Chad area. Cameroon.Landscapes around Rhumsiki (Roumsiki) village at Mandara Mountains. Cameroon.Mountain village Djingliya at Mandara Mountains. Cameroon.Woman at the market - probably Bororo ethnic. Lake Chad area. Cameroon.Lilac-breasted Roller, Waza National Park. Cameroon.Hornbill, Lobe River. Cameroon.

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