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Dhaka Ė the Capital of Bangladesh

Rikshaws traffic jam. Dhaka. Bangladesh. When you arrived to Dhaka it feels like a different world. You turn up in a busy capital of a developing country. There are hundreds of such cities, but Dhaka is different. Itís a city with the highest rate of rickshaws (rickshas) in the world. You can say itís exaggerated; there are hundreds of rickshaws in India as well, but Dhaka is unique. The roads are full of rickshaws slowly moving ahead. The deadlocks where nobody is going to move aside are quite usual. Everybody clinks and clanks, jostle through the others and squeeze their way. In all this chaos there are policemen trying to keep the order. They are at almost every crossing, holding just a bamboo stick which is used to hurry along the rickshaws to continue in their way. If this strategy is not helping anymore, they release the inner-tire of their wheel so they have to push the rickshaw to the nearest service garage and fix it.

Rikshaw in Dhaka. Bangladesh. The estimated number of inhabitants in Dhaka is about 8 millions from which there is about 300 thousand rickshaws. You can find them everywhere. Their vehicles are well kept and often decorated and painted. There are plenty of workrooms which paint and decorate them. Every rickshaw is trying to have the most beautiful vehicle ever. The reason is simple. The nicest rickshaws have more customers and gain more money.

River transport. Dhaka. Bangladesh. Dhaka is also worth of visit because of the harbor. There are a couple of wide rivers in Dhaka, so the river transfer is very popular there. One of them is Buriganga River, where you can find quite extensive river harbor. River boat trip around the harbor provides nice view to incredible, curious ships and boats. The river is full of sailboats, small barks, ferries and large steamships looks like they remember colonial times. The life on the River is indescribable. You have to experience it. Thatís Bangladesh, so different and unique.

The capital Dhaka is located approximately in the middle of Bangladesh.


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