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Fireworks on New Year's Day in Prague

If you are staying at Prage at New Year’s Day 2007 do not miss traditional fireworks. It will be fired as every year at 6 pm from Letná garden. Letná garden together with huge square are on the left bank of Vltava river on the small hill. The place itself is not important because it does not offer best place for view of firework. If you want to see firework come to Vltava riverside (right bank) somewhere around Rudolfínum or Charles bridge or Čechův most (bridge). From these places firework will be just in front of you. Do not be surprised by crowds od people.

Firework is very popular among Prague people so many of them coming to watch the event. Firework is always very spectacular and impressive. This event is organized by town council together wit best firework specialist. This year firework got name "Follow me" and should be very poetic - 15 minutes long and include performance of 20 “pictures” including traditional flowers, geometric motifs and big finale.

These fireworks will take place on 1st January at 6 pm. It will be soon after dark, so it is possible to enjoy it even if you are a family with children. Just take care of cold – it just started to freeze.


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