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Erawan Shrine (San Phra Phrom), Bangkok. Thailand.

Erawan Shrine is one of the most popular Bangkok Shrines. Itís located in the middle of modern city. Hundreds of people are visiting Erawan Shrine daily, wishing for luck in business or love. They make small offerings such as food and drinks, all kinds of flowers and wooden elephants as well.

Marabou stork (Leptoptilos crumeniferus), Ziway lake. South,  Ethiopia.

Marabou Storks are one of the largest flying birds in the world. A large male Marabou Stork, standing up to 1.5 m (60 in) tall and weighing nearly 9 kg (20 lbs); their wingspan is nearly 2.9 m (10.5 ft). Females are generally smaller. As scavengers, they eat pretty everything, whether alive or not. They like to pick through lionsí and tigersí leftovers.

Temples of Karnak in Luxor. Egypt.

Karnak Temple in Luxor is an extensive complex of shrines, temples, pylons and obelisks. All these buildings are sanctified to Thebesí gods and Egyptian emperors of Middle and New Empire. All buildings here are huge; the whole complex is 1500m wide and 800m long. Itís big enough to include over 10 cathedrals. The whole complex had been built during long 1500 years and was one of the most important places in Egypt during Thebesí rule. It used to be called ĎThe Best Placeí (Ipet-Isut).

View to Senegal river at Bakel town. Senegal is at right side and Mauritania at left side of the picture. Senegal.

While Senegal River is not so important transport thoroughfare as it used to be, itís still worth of visit. During French colonial era, it was the only way how to get to the center of West Africa area, until the Dakar-Bamako railway was built.

Traditional canoe paddling by leg. Man from Intha tribe. Inle lake. Myanmar (Burma).

Inle Lake is one of the most spectacular Burmese highlights. In the middle of central highlands there is a flat plateau and 22 km long and 11 km wide Lake Inle. The plateau surrounded by mountains has extremely fruitful land, so itís highly inhabited by Intha Tibetan-Burmese ethnic. They have their own language, archaic Burmese dialect. They are mostly Buddhists. Nowadays there are about 70,000 people living along the Lake Inle.

Orangutan in Tanjung Puting national park. Kalimantan,  Indonesia.

Orangutans are the only ape representatives living out of Africa. Nowadays, they are living just on Borneo and Sumatra. Orangutans are the biggest apes in the world; they can weigh up to 90 kg. Even though some of the gestures and movements are quite human-like, according to the research they are very different from people by their nature.

Cockfighting is Philippino national sport. The strong cock can win big money for his owner. Together with the money, the owner family get the other cock which is prepared for dinner. The meat is very healthy because of all the vitamins. Malapascua. Philippines.

Cockfighting is a centuries-old sport, still quite popular through the whole South-East Asia region. Even though the westerners find it immoral because it causes animal suffering and usually results in the death of one of the birds; sometimes it ends in the death of both, in South-East Asia itís still about gambling and entertainment.

Penguins, Boulders Beach. South Africa.

Boulders Beach Penguin Colony is home to a growing colony of the African Penguin (Spheniscus demersus), also known as the Black-footed Penguin (and formerly as the Jackass Penguin).

Maya ruins Xunantunich. San Ignacio (Cayo) area. Belize.

Xunantunich (Stone Woman in Mayan) was a major ceremonial center during the Maya Classic Era, about 200 to 900. Some structures were damaged by an earthquake while they were occupied. The earthquake may have been a reason for the site's abandonment. The site contains six major plazas and more than twenty-five temples and palaces. The Xunantunich site is spread out at about one square mile (2.6 km).

The National Palace of Pena, Sintra. Portugal.

Sintra is one of the most spectacular places in Portugal. Attractions include the famous PalŠcio da Pena (Castelo da Pena) from 19th century which is the most complete and remarkable example of Portuguese architecture in the Romantic period.

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