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Desert City Kharanagh - Iran

Desert village Kharanagh. Yazd town area. Iran. Visiting the ancient city Bam used to be the highlight of Iran trip. But as an earthquake in 2003 destroyed it completely, visitors moved to another locations to see similar desert cities. One of them is Kharanagh village, close to Yazd city. Information about similarities should not be taken too serious. Bam used to be unique because of his size and position. Nevertheless you would not regret.

Local people at Kharanagh village. Iran. The village is divided into two parts. Modern, where the people are still living, and old, empty part which evokes already noticed Bam. Narrow streets among clay buildings, covered passages, houses built just from sunburn bricks and wood. The old village is located on a top of a small rock, so the view is impressive. The mosque minaret intensifies the whole feeling from the view. Stairs to the top of the minaret are narrow, hardly accessible and the walk through is very difficult. But the view is worth of doing it. The top of the minaret provides you an excellent overview about the whole village. Kharanagh village has currently a grant to save and repair the houses.

Kharanagh is located next to the Yazd city, about 500 km southeast of capital Teheran.


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