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Sahara – Speed, Beauty and Death

Even at Sahara desert there is a life - wonderful gazelle. Niger. Intense hot and no place to hide from sun. Just sand and stones. Inhospitable land. That’s Sahara desert. In spite of that there is a life and it’s the life what matters.

Even at Sahara desert there is a life - wonderful gazelle. Niger. Far away there are group of gazelles, running through the plains. Firstly slowly, then getting faster, nervous from a group of people. It’s not really easy to see gazelles from closer distance. The cars are getting closer so we can see them better. Finally we are a couple of meters from them. Without car we can’t make it. They are running around us, fast speed, about 80km/h, but still in very harmonious motion.

Sahara is place without mercy. Mali. Suddenly they are changing direction, they are afraid. We cannot endanger them. But their whole life is fighting for life. They are running to get away from predators; the speed is the key to survive. The predators either kill them or they may fell in exhaustion and become an easy bite for predators anyway. The life is hard for them. We are getting slower and letting the gazelles go and have a rest. They are slowing down and in a while disappearing in the sandy plains. Only the strongest can survive, desert has no mercy.


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