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The Beauty of Sahara Desert

Arrakau - Sand dunes only. Sahara desert. Niger. Intense hot. No shadow for miles. No place to hide from sun. Just sand and stones. All of a sudden there is a wind full of dust and sand. That’s desert. Could such place have been beautiful at all?

Marble mountains - Sahara desert between Air Mountain and Arrakau. Niger. Well, it is beautiful. Each desert has its suggestive beauty. Likewise Sahara as the biggest desert in the world has. Sahara used to be savannah, full of water. But nowadays the situation is different. Stoned fields are merged into sand planes, and torrid soil. Although the soil looks dry, there is still some vegetation. Time to time some bunch of grass is growing there, small bush and exceptionally even a tree. The land is changing fast. One place is full of grass and grazing camels, and just about ten kilometers away there is nothing except the sun and hot.

Arrakau - Sand dunes only. Sahara desert. Niger. When you visit Sahara for once, you will like it. You can imagine the place, see the landscape differences, observe the huge stone massive coming out from plains. Some stones are perfectly rounded as they would be processed by some machine. You can see marble mountains getting out of stone and sand desert, partially covered by sand. Enjoy sand dunes all around, making incredible landscape. In between all of that you can suddenly discover oasis, places full of green and water, small villages and people in between of the dry land. The most surprising is to see wild animal in the desert. Watch gazelles running through glowing plains, that’s the real adventure. And when you all of a sudden spot a chameleon on a grass near oasis, you could almost forget you are in the middle of harsh desert.

Sahara landscapes. Adrar des Ifoghas area. Mali. It doesn’t really matter where you go. You can start in Gao Town at Mali, and continue through Kidal oasis to Tessalit oasis, and then reach Adrar der Ifoghas Mountains. Or rather go from Agadez town at Niger up to the North reaching Air Mountains and continue to the dunes of Arrakau. Or alternatively you may go to the East, from Agadez town at Niger to the Ténéré plains at Plateau du Djado. All parts are beautiful, all places you will like.


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