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The Korup National Park is in western Cameroon against the Nigerian border. It has 1259 sq km of tropical rainforest known for its high biological diversity, including more than 50 species of large mammals. Cameroon.

Iím going to spend 3 days inside the Korup National Park. It should be one of the oldest forests in West Africa. Iím looking forward to see some interesting flora and fauna.

Korup National Park entrance. Cameroon.

Limbe was nice, afternoon zoo visit was pleasure but itís time to move again. My time for Cameroon visit is short and my plan is huge. Early morning after sunshine about 6:30 Iím starting to look for some minibus to the Korup National Park.

Pakalpooram (elephant procession), Ernakulam Shiva Temple Festival (Ernakulathappan Uthsavam). Ernakulam, Kerala. India.

In previous post I already wrote about Ernakulam Shiva Temple Festival. Itís really interesting event and if you have chance to see it you should not miss it.

Pakalpooram continues to Durban Hall Rd, Ernakulam Shiva Temple Festival (Ernakulathappan Uthsavam). Ernakulam, Kerala. India.

The annual festival of Ernakulam Shiva Temple (Ernakulathappan Uthsavam) is organized during Malayalam Month Makaram (January/February). Festival goes for 8 days and exact date is changing every year.

Thaipooya Mahotsavam Festival. Sree Maheswara Temple at Koorkancheri in the Thrissur town at Kerala. India.

Beginning of the year is festival time. It is quite easy to see some of the many festivals at Kerala state at South India. One of them is Thaipooya Mahotsavam festival.

Tea picker. Tea plantations around Munnar town, Kerala. India.

I was thinking several times how tea leaves are cut. Now when I visited tea plantations at Munnar at South India I had a chance to observe this practice.

Fire dance. Bali,  Indonesia.

Indonesia is great country for visit. It is very rich for traditional culture and nature too. Differences among islands are something which makes Indonesia unique.

Chinese fishing nets, Kochi (Cochin), Kerala. India.

If you are visiting Indian state Kerala you have to see this incredible fishing technique. Large spiderlike structures with huge nets are used for fishing at shallow waters.

Villager from Dani tribe. Papua,  Indonesia.

Western part of New Guinea island is incredible place. Beautiful landscapes, jungle, forest, and traditional culture. There are still a lot of indigenous tribes. The most accessible place is Baliem Valley at Papua province (formerly called Irian Jaya), Indonesia. Dani tribe is the tribe which inhabits Baliem Valley.

Whale shark, Maamigilidive site. Maldives.

We took a great liveaboard safari for 10 days to South Ari atolls. We were thinking a quite long time to visit Maldives but we always chose different place Ė we were diving mostly at Indonesia and Thailand.


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