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Bali and Flores, Indonesia

Indonesia is great country for visit. It is very rich for traditional culture and nature too. Differences among islands are something which makes Indonesia unique.

Fire dance. Bali,  Indonesia. Bali is one of the famous Indonesia islands. It is surprisingly small island but it is known for its rich and unique Hindu culture. It is called Balinese Hindu. Most of the people Hindu ceremonies are performed almost every day and local people pray for luck.

Komodo dragon at Rinca island. Nusa Tenggara,  Indonesia. Another interesting island is Flores lying at Nusa Tenggara province. There are a lot of interesting things to see. You can relax at beach at Kanawa island which is about one hour boat ride from Labuanbajo village at western coast of Flores. Labuanbajo village is also interesting place to hang around and to organize trip to famous Komodo National Park. Rinca and Komodo islands are part of the Komodo national park. Here you can spot famous komodo dragons and also make great diving/snorkeling.


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