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Traditional canoe paddling by leg. Man from Intha tribe. Inle lake. Myanmar (Burma).

Inle Lake is one of the most spectacular Burmese highlights. In the middle of central highlands there is a flat plateau and 22 km long and 11 km wide Lake Inle. The plateau surrounded by mountains has extremely fruitful land, so itís highly inhabited by Intha Tibetan-Burmese ethnic. They have their own language, archaic Burmese dialect. They are mostly Buddhists. Nowadays there are about 70,000 people living along the Lake Inle.

The Temples of Bagan cover an area of 16 square miles. The majority of its buildings were built in the 1000s to 1200s, during the time Bagan was the capital of the First Burmese Empire. Myanmar (Burma).

Ancient city of Bagan in northeast Myanmar (Burma) is located at the plain of a total area of 12sq meters (16sq miles). You can find there hundreds of Buddhist temples and stupas. The most famous times for Bagan are dated from the beginning of rule of the King Anawrahta in 1044.


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