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I already wrote blog post about Cure Salée celebration, which is one of the most fascinating festivals at West Africa. I really like this event and it is one the most exciting moments from my West Africa travels.

Camel race at traditional tuareg wedding party. Air Mountain area. Niger.

Although Sahara is quite harsh place, there can be found people living there. The only ethnic capable to survive in the difficult conditions are Tuaregs.

Even at Sahara desert there is a life - wonderful gazelle. Niger.

Intense hot and no place to hide from sun. Just sand and stones. Inhospitable land. That’s Sahara desert. In spite of that there is a life and it’s the life what matters.

Arrakau - Sand dunes only. Sahara desert. Niger.

Intense hot. No shadow for miles. No place to hide from sun. Just sand and stones. All of a sudden there is a wind full of dust and sand. That’s desert. Could such place have been beautiful at all?

One of the most important festivals in West Africa is celebration Cure Salée (Salt Cure). It’s held annually and each Nomad ethnic group has its own celebration. The biggest celebration you can see at Wodaabé (Bororo) tribe, held in September around small town In-Gall, in North-east Niger. The festival takes about a week, but two days are major. The exact date is not known, it’s changing every year and it’s announced approximately one month before in depending on rains strength.


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