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Temples of Karnak in Luxor. Egypt.

Karnak Temple in Luxor is an extensive complex of shrines, temples, pylons and obelisks. All these buildings are sanctified to Thebes’ gods and Egyptian emperors of Middle and New Empire. All buildings here are huge; the whole complex is 1500m wide and 800m long. It’s big enough to include over 10 cathedrals. The whole complex had been built during long 1500 years and was one of the most important places in Egypt during Thebes’ rule. It used to be called ‘The Best Place’ (Ipet-Isut).

Zoser's Step Pyramid in Saqqara. Egypt.

Memphis, the capital in Ancient Egypt used to have in Sakkara (Saqqara) burial-ground. All the pharaohs, their relatives and sacred animals were transported from Memphis to Sakkara after their lives. They were all buried there in pyramids, tombs or graves. Nonetheless the biggest and the most famous pyramids are in Giza, the first pyramid was built in Sakkara and it’s called Zoser's Step Pyramid.


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