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Karnak Temple - Egypt

Temples of Karnak in Luxor. Egypt. Karnak Temple in Luxor is an extensive complex of shrines, temples, pylons and obelisks. All these buildings are sanctified to Thebes’ gods and Egyptian emperors of Middle and New Empire. All buildings here are huge; the whole complex is 1500m wide and 800m long. It’s big enough to include over 10 cathedrals. The whole complex had been built during long 1500 years and was one of the most important places in Egypt during Thebes’ rule. It used to be called ‘The Best Place’ (Ipet-Isut).

Temples of Karnak in Luxor. Egypt. In the middle of the temple complex there is a huge Amuna Temple, containing sacred lake. The Lake used to be sanctified to Thebes’ gods Amun-Re, Mut a Khnosu. One part of the temple was big portico. The pillars ware made in the shape of papyrus and make an it makes an overall impression of petrified papyrus forest. Some of the pillars have still remains of colorful fresco decoration.

Temples of Karnak in Luxor. Egypt. At the south side of temple Amuna was a temple sanctified to Mutu. It is connected to the main temple by a promenade of stone sphinxes. On the north side there is a temple sanctified to Montu, God sanctified to Thebes. The temples used to be interconnected by a water channel with Nile used during the religious celebrations Opet for the sacred boats. Tiled road lined with sphinxes with human heads used to connect Karnak Temple with Luxor Temple was more than 3 km long.

The main Amun Tample was built in early Middle Empire when pharaohs came to Thebes. The most of the other buildings was built by the time of New Empire.

Karnak Temple is located at the edge of Luxor Temple, at South Egypt, about 500 km south of capital Cairo.


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