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Zoser's Step Pyramid – Egypt

Zoser's Step Pyramid in Saqqara. Egypt. Memphis, the capital in Ancient Egypt used to have in Sakkara (Saqqara) burial-ground. All the pharaohs, their relatives and sacred animals were transported from Memphis to Sakkara after their lives. They were all buried there in pyramids, tombs or graves. Nonetheless the biggest and the most famous pyramids are in Giza, the first pyramid was built in Sakkara and it’s called Zoser's Step Pyramid.

Zoser's Step Pyramid in Saqqara. Egypt. Zoser's Step Pyramid was built by pharaoh’s architect Imhotep around 2700 BC. Imhotep should originally build just classical mastaba – underground grave with flat-roofed, rectangular mastaba from sunburn bricks on its top. However Imhotep decided for a different style. He started to build similar way as mastaba was built, but when he had finished one floor, he put new smaller floor on its top so it looks like a stairs. Broadly speaking he built 6 mastabes one on the top of the other. The whole pyramid is built from stones and it used to be the biggest stone building in the world. The building procedures were completely new. Cutting the huge stone blocks and their transportation needed entirely new procedures.

Cobras in Zoser's Mortuary Complex. Egypt. The pyramid is 62m tall and it has 6 steps. It used to be covered by limestone. Pyramid was a dominant of collocated 544m long and 277m wide Mortuary Temple. It also used to be covered by limestone. For alive there was one entrance to pillared hall. The Temple is decorated by cobra sculptures which were interpreted as sacred animals and a symbol of pharaohs.

Zoser's Step Pyramid is located in Sakkara, close to the capital Cairo.


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