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It is like opening door to the new world

Nembrotha Nudibranch. Diving around Bangka island, Sahaung dive site. Sulawesi,  Indonesia. It is one my first dives at open sea and exactly my first dive at Indonesia. Nervousness but also curiosity. Fishes, corals this is my motivation why I started to dive and why I want to spend some time underwater. Also this is what I am looking forward to see. I am going slowly under the water, looking around and slowly swimming around the bottom. Depth is around 15 meters. Visibility is excellent, there are a lot of things to see. Soft corrals but also hard corals. Anemones and fishes among them. Colors. Many fascinating colors, new shapes, new things. It is completely new adventure. Thanks to sunshine it is enough light even at depth around 20 meters. Divemaster who accompanies our group shows us interesting thinks. They are sometimes so invisible that without enough underwater experiences you are not able to see them. And now it happens. He points something among the corals, something on the rock. I am not able to see anything. I am trying but there is nothing in my opinion. I do not know what I should look for. But he is persistent. He is not going to leave me without seeing his thing. Slow discovery. I start to see something something very small lying on the rock. Some small creature. I come closer, bend myself and I am fascinated! It is something like from another world. Small slug is lying on the rock. But it is not normal slug it is sea slug. It is inexpressive by its size which is not larger than five centimeters. But its colors are marvelous. And shape of its body is also incredible. I never saw animal like this. I am really fascinated. It has brilliant red sense organ and green- black body with local red decoration. It has bright colors like harlequin from famous circus. I cannot come off this nudibranch (it is name of this sea slug). One sight sufficed and I know that I have opened door to the new world. World which is completely new for me and I never had idea that something like this can even exist. It dragged me in and did not want to leave me back. I am looking forward to new adventures under the water and to next doors which I hope to find and to open.


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