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Tea harvesting - Munnar, Kerala, India

Tea picker. Tea plantations around Munnar town, Kerala. India. I was thinking several times how tea leaves are cut. Now when I visited tea plantations at Munnar at South India I had a chance to observe this practice.

Tea plantations at Munnar at Kerala state at South India are not very well known in my opinion. More than 10 years ago Iíve visited Darjeeling which is tea country for me. I believe that everybody knows famous Darjeeling tea. I have to say that Munnar area is nice too. Quite long way from the coast is still hot and you are enjoying tropical weather.

Tea plantations around Munnar town, Kerala. India. Just before Munnar path is starting to rise up to the hills and air is getting to be fresher and not so humid. This is the moment when first tea is on the surrounding hills. Tea plantations are really spectacular in my opinion. Tea plants occupy hills and small paths are among them. They are used by tea pickers. I saw women to make this work. Here at Munnar they have big scissors with attached box. These scissors are used for tea cutting. Women are really fast at this job. Just see the video.


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