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Ethiopia – On the way to Omo valley – Addis Abeba

View to Addis Abeba from sky. North,  Ethiopia. Freezing winter morning. Quick transfer to airport, short flight to Frankfurt (Germany) and transfer to other flight. Delay caused by snow and winter weather. After one hour we take off. I am happy. I am returning to Ethiopia which is my lovely country. This is my second visit almost exactly after 12 month. This trip will be little bit different. Last year I visited north historical circuit, this year I plan to go south to Omo valley and little bit to the east to the Bale Mountain National Park. I expect it will be quite different from last trip.

Flight is fine. Short stopover at Jeddah and we are landing at Bole International Airport. Welcome to Ethiopia, welcome to Addis Abeba. Excellent modern airport. This is not surprise I know it from last time. Long queue for visa on arrival but I already have visa from Ethiopian embassy so I am one of the first who pass immigration. I am changing money at small bank office at baggage claims area. Waiting for backpack, lot of people everywhere. Fortunately airport is quite efficient so I am not waiting longer than one hour. Excellent efficiency at Africa.

Passing customs is not problem and I am at arrive hall. Taxi offices are still on the right so it is not difficult to find taxi. Small discussion about price - 70 birr is to be little bit overpriced even for midnight time. I agree with 60 birr because I do not want to loose more time with bargain. Driver takes to his old Russia car Lada or Ziguli and we are leaving for Piazza. Large empty boulevards. Midnight is really good time to pass Addis and avoid traffic jams.

After half an hour we are in front of Baro hotel at Piazza. We are full, sorry. It is Timkat time, we have lot of clients. Ups… this is not good. I am trying Wutma hotel just across the street but I hear the same answer. What now? Midnight is not right time to going around Addis Abeba and look for free hotel. Let’s go to try Taitu Hotel just one block further. Continue with taxi. Piazza looks more lively even in this night time. Bars are still open and people enjoy drinking beers and other alcohol. Taitu is the oldest hotel at Addis Abeba with several building. The old colonial with restaurant than one building with better rooms and one complex with basic rooms. Advantage of this hotel is its big room capacity. To find empty room is not problem. Price 55 birr for double room is also better than prices at Baro. Well, my room has no toilet it is shared at corridor, rooms at Baro for their price 70 birr are fully equipped. It is after midnight and I am tired after long flight. It is time to sleep.


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