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Campeche - Mexico

Street at historical center of Campeche city.  Mexico. Campeche is an old city with extensive history. In 3th century there was a Maya colony which used to be a center of Ah Kim Pech province. The first Spain solders visited to the city on March 22, 1517 when Francisco Hernández de Cordoba needed water for his solders. Campeche citizens were able to keep the province independent for about quarter of a century. In 1531, Fransisco de Montejo unsuccessfully tried to settle a city, but he underestimated Maya hostility. The next successful attempt was made by his son Fransisco de Montejo, who finally got the area under control in 1540 and found a city called Villa de San Francisco de Campeche. The city became one of the most important ports in the area. All the gold and raw materials must have been transported to Spain from this port, which made from the port very popular place for pirates. The boats and also the city started to be quite dangerous place. In 1663 was pirates’ raid so destructive, the Spain King decided to build a heavy fort. The complete construction lasts 18 years.

Gate Puerta de Tierra. Campeche ciry. Mexico. The fortification remains are still in place nowadays. The walls are 3.5m wide. The original hexagonal fortification used to be 2.5km long. Now, we can see just part of its original length. As a part of the fortification there were eight towers to defense the city and harbor, which was also insight of the walls, so the ships can harbor in safe port. Nowadays visitors can walk over the fortification walls, providing a nice view to the city center, full of small houses with colorful facades. At the central position of an old quarter you can find square of Independence with Parque Principal Park, one of the most popular place in the city. The local people are coming to have a talk there or feeding gulls and pigeons. The old Catedral de la Concepción is as old as the city. Although the construction was started in 16th century, it was after all finished in 1705.

The city of Campeche is located at Yucatan peninsula, Campeche State, 800km southeast of the capital Mexico City.

The city is under UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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