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Mystic Plain of Jars - Laos

Thong Hai Hin - mystical Plain of Jars (site No.1). Laos. In central Laos, near Phonsavan city, there are about 20 areas containing extensive ancient stone jars,. Each locality contains several of big jars, one of the biggest ones locality No.1. (Thong Hai Hin) there are even hundreds of them. Many stories and theories are here about the origin and usage of jars, but no one is actually supported by any archeological research. There are theories indicating the jars were used as sarcophaguses, wine preparation or rice storage, but no one really knows.

Thong Hai Hin - mystical Plain of Jars (site No.1). Laos. The archeologists expect jars to be more than 2000 years old. Nonetheless the missing remains of any organic material make their statements quite uncertain. Hence their origin and usage is pretty unknown. It is expected jars could be possibly in a connection with big megalithic stones found along the road No.6 to Sam Neua in Luang Prabang province.

Phonsavan and Plain of Jars are located in central Laos, about 300 km north of the capital Vientiane.


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