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Preparing for Cameroon – Lobéké National Park

Huge amount of forest elephants. Lowland gorillas and chimpanzees. Just few examples of animals living at Lobéké National Park. If you are lucky you should see much more. Region is also known for traditional Baka Pygmy villages.

Description of Lobéké National park and surrounding area is very interesting. I am thinking about adding it to my Cameroon plan. It would be nice to see at least some of the wild animals - I know it is always matter of luck to see some animals at dense rain forest. You can easily hear many animals but at most cases it is impossible to see them. Jungle is so dense so you are happy to see the path and follow it. So I am realistic – with high probability I will not see many animals I see mostly just jungle - is it worth to travel about one week to see just rain forest? This is my actual question.

I know little about transportation. There is short description at guidebooks but I need to know more up-to-date information. Lobéké National Park should be managed by Cameroon branch of WWF ( Their office is at Yaoundé: WWF CPO, Immeubla Panda, Rue La Citronelle BAT Compound, P.O. Box 6776, Yaounde, Cameroon tel: (237) 221-62-67 fax: (237) 221-70-85 . It would be probably good source of actual information. I am trying to contact them at advance and get some info about park infrastructure and transportation options. According to my time schedule (3 weeks total for Cameroon trip) it would be best option to hire 4x4 car and not to travel by public transport which is sometimes very slow.


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