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New Year's Eve party at Prague

About 100.000 tourists are coming to Prague for last days of 2006. Are you one of them? Do you like parties? Then you are coming just in time. Well there are parties all around the year but New Year's Eve is something special. Something like Football World Champion or Ice-Hockey World Champion - the most popular sports at Czech. You can expect at this time party all around the center of town. And for this year 2006 New Year's Eve day big party is organized directly on Wenceslas square (Václavksé náměstí) in the heart of the city. It is difficult say what exactly would be there because some private TV channel wants to broadcast and try to make party like big “surprise”. Well, but you can expect many people, big fun and lot of alcohol. And of course free firework at midnight.

So if you are coming to Prague and you have no program for New Year's Eve day you are welcome to join many people at this free party. Just take care with firework and alcohol – it just started to freeze and snow so it is quite cold now. Do not drink and sleep at streets you can freeze to death.

There are many other possibilities for New Year's Eve day. All restaurants and bars will be open and they offer special menu for this day very often. Prices depend on restaurant but generally the start at resonable 50EUR for dinner (without drinks). Take note that booking is advisable for this day and many restaurants can be full. Enjoy New Year's Eve wherever you are.


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