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Observe Prague from the balloon

Awesome Prague panorama from balloon. Czech Republic. Visiting Prague? Do you already have enough of walking? Well, there is a nice attraction just in the centre of Prague. The anchored balloon from which you can observe the city centre from about 40-70m. The average ride takes about 15 minutes, so you have enough of time to enjoy the view and the feeling from balloon trip. There is a great view both during the day and the night. You can see Prague Castle and the gardens, Vltava bridges panorama and the Old Town. All from a very special viewpoint, the balloon, slowly moving by the wind. Nice experience, relaxation, great attraction. And which city all around the world you can observe from balloon? You just can't miss it!

Awesome Prague panorama from balloon. Czech Republic. Balloon is operating during the summer at Herget Cihelna komplex at the bank of the Vltava River at Mala Strana. More information at


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