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Preparing for Cameroon

Local alcohol selling is important part of each market. Market at Tourou village at Mandara Mountains. Cameroon. Going to Africa again. My next destination is Cameroon, country at Equatorial part of Africa. It is huge country with many things to see. My time is limited for three weeks only so I need to make some planning beforehand.

Pygmy village down to the Lobe River. The Pygmy people are forest dwellers, know the forest, its plants and its animals. They live by hunting animals such as antelopes, pigs and monkeys, fishing, and gathering honey, wild yams, berries and other plants. Cameroon. I will land at Douala, the largest city at the coast. My plan is to go for few days to Kribi to take a look at famous waterfalls and make pirogue trip along Kribi river to any Pygmy village. Transfer to Limbe to visit botanical garden and sanctuary for endangered primates (gorillas, chimpanzees). Interesting Korup National Park must be skipped due to the lack of time.

Market at the bank of Chari River. Many ethnic from local area make business here (including nomad tribes). Lake Chad area. Cameroon. Next, transfer to Yaounde and by train to the town N’Gaoundere in the North of Cameroon. Continue to Garoua and Maroua. Maroua is town at very interesting region. There is a lot of traditional villages, markets and big ethnic diversity. Also it is close to National Park Waza where I plan to try to spot some animals and birds. Cameroon is also known as destination for bird-watchers. Later I want to continue to Lake Chad. This part depends on current security situation at this part of the country but I hope that everything will be ok and also I will have enough time to reach lake.

It will be probably end of my trip and I will have to return to Yaounde to catch my flight back to home. Interesting area around Bafoussam and Foumban also will be skipped and left for next trip.


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