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Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, Minnesota. United States of America.

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden is located across from the Walker Art Center. The 11-acre garden is a joint project of the Walker Art Center and the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board is the largest urban sculpture garden in the country. The garden used to be connected to Loring Park, but the construction of Interstate 94 in the 1960s split the area into two parts.

Fishermen pulling several hundred meter long nets and singing. Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka (Ceylon) is one of the most famous Indian Ocean Islands. The Ceylon tea is well known all around the world. But Sri Lanka is not only interesting for the tea production, but also because of nice beaches, picturesque fishermen villages, and Buddhist or Hindus temples.

Elephant, Kruger National Park. South Africa.

The highest concentration of wild animals is definitely in Africa. So every traveler interested in nature must visit extensive plains full of wild animals. The best safari locations can be found in East and South Africa. There are many places where to go - Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana or relatively modern South Africa. None of those countries will bring disillusion.

Even at Sahara desert there is a life - wonderful gazelle. Niger.

Intense hot and no place to hide from sun. Just sand and stones. Inhospitable land. Thatís Sahara desert. In spite of that there is a life and itís the life what matters.

Whirling dervishes are coming. Their color is green. Hamed-an Nil Mosque, Khartoum (Omdurman). Sudan.

Each Friday night, except Ramadan, Dervish people are meeting here in front of the Hamed an-Nil mosque to dance. Whirling Dervishes belongs to the Sufism Islam. Sufism religion is hard to define, itís sometimes called ďIslamic mysticismĒ.

Petronas Twin Towers - one of the highest buildings at the world. Kuala Lumpur city. Mainland,  Malaysia.

Malaysia is one of the most successful tiger economies. The economic grew rapidly in last couple decades. The key reason is the hard-working people, but also the government subventions which brought in a number of foreign investors. However Malaysia is also rich for its oil production. The money from oil were invested into infrastructure, transportation or services, so from this perception Malaysia is quite like Europe, just with a bit of an exotic flavor of local culture.

Arrakau - Sand dunes only. Sahara desert. Niger.

Intense hot. No shadow for miles. No place to hide from sun. Just sand and stones. All of a sudden there is a wind full of dust and sand. Thatís desert. Could such place have been beautiful at all?

Angkor Wat temple. Cambodia.

Angkor, former capital of important empire is nowadays an abandoned place absorbed by surrounding jungle. Place where you can still find hundreds of temples remainders. The archeologists consider Angkor to be the largest preindustrial city in the world with an urban sprawl of about 3,000 sq kilometers (1,150 sq miles).

Dakar, the capital of Senegal, is not really popular place for touristic. Nevertheless, itís surprising city with nice atmosphere. According to Africa, itís a huge city with a busy centre you should not miss. Amazing ethnic mix of native people from Senegal, Mali, Nigeria, Niger, Mauretania or Cote de Ivoire, came to Senegal to find a work, business or a better life.

Street at historical center of Campeche city.  Mexico.

Campeche is an old city with extensive history. In 3th century there was a Maya colony which used to be a center of Ah Kim Pech province. The first Spain solders visited to the city on March 22, 1517 when Francisco HernŠndez de Cordoba needed water for his solders. Campeche citizens were able to keep the province independent for about quarter of a century. In 1531, Fransisco de Montejo unsuccessfully tried to settle a city, but he underestimated Maya hostility. The next successful attempt was made by his son Fransisco de Montejo, who finally got the area under control in 1540 and found a city called Villa de San Francisco de Campeche.

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